As we welcome in 2020 we reflect on the health trends of the last decade.  In the late 20teens the keto diet and fasting became a very hot topic! Many diet and health trends are simply that, trends, they ebb and flow throughout the years.  However fasting has meaningful data and research behind it- particularly when it comes to brain health! 


Here are some interesting findings about fasting and your brain:


  • Fasting boosts BDNF, Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, and this can help make your neurons more resistant to stress, a very useful trait in todays world!
  • Fasting helps remove damaged mitochondria, the powerhouses of our cells, in a process called autophagy.  This can lead to improved energy pathways and give us that extra boost in energy and brain power!
  • Fasting improves our longevity, and reduces risk for diseases that can prematurely age our brains, like dementia
  • Fasting boosts brain function and can improve learning efficiency


To learn even more about fasting, check out these videos on our YouTube channel!