Did you know you can boost your immunity, fight colon cancer,decrease inflammation and feed your microbiome just by adding certain foods to your diet? Read more to learn about what foods boost short chain fatty acids and check out the video below.


  1.  RESISTANT STARCHES- These can include green bananas, cooled and cooked white and/or sweet potatoes, oats and/or legumes
  2. PECTINS- berries, all kinds of apples, and apricots are all great sources of pectins
  3. FOS or INULIN- This can be found in nutrition bars (think KIND bars, any type of keto bar, ZING bars, Bulletproof bars, and even Fiber One bars.  Inulin is also known as chicory root and natural sources of it include beets, asparagus, onions, garlic, and dandelion root. There can be too much of a good thing when it comes to these prebiotic foods- if they bother your digestive tract try reducing the amount and if they still bother you then get your microbiome checked with your provider.
  4. LARCH- yep, I am talking about a tree! The larch tree produces arabinogalactans- a powerful type of prebiotic to feed your microbiome as well as boost your immunity! Arabinogalactans are also found in kiwi, carrots and radishes!  You can find larch arabinogalactan in supplemental powders for your gut like: Thorne Arabinex, Bulletproof Inner Fuel, and Ora Organics Trust your Gut.
  5. PHGG- PARTIALLY HYDROLYZED GUAR GUM- This may sound fake (it’s not) but it can boost your microbiome and kill off bad bacteria. (I love Thorne Enteromend powder!)