There are many options out there to analyze your individual genetic data and provide advice for optimizing your health based on that but one of my favorites is Nutrition Genome.

Nutrition Genome is broken down into an easy to read and adapt format- offering advice for you based on 8 key categories:

DNA protection and repair
Athletic Performance
Stress and Cognitive Performance
Inflammation and Longevity

It’s very easy, as most DNA tests are, you just swab your cheek (easier than the saliva collection for 23&Me- though they will analyze your 23&Me data if you have already done this) and mail it in. Then, 5 weeks later, you get a detailed set of reports from a CLIA and CAP certified lab, based on the above categories, and you can start modifying your lifestyle, nutrition, nutrients, and fitness, based on these reports. You will also receive a personalized grocery list and a recommended blood work profile. You can take this info to your healthcare provider to then keep an eye on the numbers you may need to monitor more closely.

Keep in mind that just because your genes say something could happen or you have the likelihood of carrying a disease, it does not mean that you are destined to have the disorder or disease. Our genes are greatly affected by our lifestyles, infections we come across, our diets, and our fitness levels, even the toxins we are exposed to can have an effect. So, being armed with this knowledge is not a death sentence, just another piece of data for optimizing our health!

I have used many other DNA data interpretive reports and have found Nutrition Genome to be the most user friendly and supportive of simple steps to take and labs to monitor.

Check out my video to learn more and you can order a kit through my affiliate link if and when you are ready to jump into your Nutrition Genome!