Hot Flash Pillow

About this item

  • Relieves hot flashes & night sweats, soothes migraine, natural sleep aid, stress reliever, comfortably ices sprains & strains, neck, back & arthritis pain, calms Rosacea.
  • Dry, odorless, natural filling uniformly releases maximum cold for 30 minutes, delivering exceptionally comfortable cooling when applied directly to bare skin.
  • Can be worn while performing activities, relaxing or sleeping
  • Freezer storage is required prior to each use. The Hot Flash Pillow folds to take up no more freezer space than a bag of frozen peas.
  • Machine washable soft cotton outer pillowcase measures approx. 5 inches x 21 inches. Hot Flash Pillow is very lightweight, weighing approx. 2 1/2 pounds.


Product description

Hot Flash Pillow is far superior to traditional ice packs and gel packs, whose chill is uneven and brief, with the pack often sweating water on your skin. With Hot Flash Pillow, the chill is uniform, lengthy, and dry, maintaining maximum cold for thirty minutes, and staying cool for much longer. The pillow’s flexible shape allows you to apply cold more precisely and thoroughly where it’s needed, while its soft, protective cover allows you to do so without having to place a towel between your skin and the pillow to avoid frost burn. If you are one of the millions who awaken during the night, as many hot flash sufferers do, nothing else can compare to the exquisite relief you’ll find the moment you drape the Hot Flash Pillow around your neck. Great for icing migraines. To use, mold the chilled soothing pillow around the back and sides of your neck’s bare skin. Hot Flash Pillow goes right to work to help you cool down quickly and to stay cool naturally. Science explains why this Hot Flash Pillow works to relieve hot flashes, night sweats, and insomnia. The Stellate Ganglion, a star-shaped cluster of nerves in the neck, is connected to parts of the brain involved in core body temperature regulation, and the Stellate Ganglion sends signals to the brain’s hypothalamus, the body’s temperature control center. Comfortably chilling the area surrounding the Stellate Ganglion with the Hot Flash Pillow helps reset the body core temperature and affords fast relief from hot flashes and night sweats. Hot Flash Pillow gently chills the head making it ideal for those suffering from insomnia. Recent sleep studies have shown that cooling the brain is a simple, effective method to help relieve insomnia.